Vermont Weekend

Aug 3 to 6 2018 Montpelier, VT

With the cost to stay at an inn or hotel having risen dramatically, we've decided to try this tour once more at a college: Vermont College of Fine Arts. The club has stayed at the college a couple of times back in the late 80s and early 90s, when it was simply the Vermont College and was associated with Norwich University in Northfield, VT.

By far the smallest state capital in the US, Montpelier is worth a visit on its own, with several nice, affordable restaurants and interesting shops. As a cycling destination, it offers access to a wide variety of quiet routes to suit all levels of strength and endurance.

The college has 29 double occupancy rooms plus four singles. Although pricing is not final, at US$75 per double room per night, the cost in Canadian dollars per person for three nights will be in the neighborhood of $150; a single will be about $260.

We will not be including meals as part of the club package; they are available in the college cafeteria at US$7 for breakfast and US$10.50 for dinner. Anyone who wants to eat elsewhere can choose from many alternatives.

Children: One child can stay in a room with two adults at no extra charge. The only additional cost will be for meals.