Why Let the Kids Have All the Fun?

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Enroll in the Advanced Riding Skills Clinic Today! We still have room in our Advanced Skills Clinic 9-week course Monday evenings 6:30-8:00pm starting Monday, April 23rd

As adult road cyclists, our fitness is never far from our minds. What touring group level is best for me? Am I ready for that 100KM ride, or for Rideau Lakes? But we tend not to think so much about our riding skills … group riding, cornering, braking, obstacle avoidance, balance, and so on.

And that’s a shame! As experienced riders, there are a number of reasons for improving our riding skills: Most important, it makes us much safer cyclists. Better bike handling reduces the risk to ourselves and those around us. And it also makes us more confident and relaxed on the bike, which makes riding more fun. A confident, skilled bike handler is a better companion to ride with. Finally, learning and practicing these skills is fun in itself, and a pleasant counterpoint to our efforts to get our fitness back after a long winter!

In OBC’s Youth Program, our coaching emphasis is on riding skills development - most of the training exercises we do are to develop riding skills. And here’s the thing … the kids love it! Our Youth groups are full of fun, camaraderie, laughing, and having a great time together.

Adults watching the kids can get a bit envious… the kids are having a great time while practicing their skills together. Why can’t we “be kids again”, and have that kind of fun? Well we can!

The OBC’s Advanced Riding Skills Clinic uses the same skills exercises we use in our Youth Program (with a few modifications to accommodate adults) As an OBC Youth Development Coach who also teaches the Advanced Riding Skills Clinic, I’ve noticed how adults at our clinics tend to laugh, socialize, and have fun together just like our kids do.

So, if you are an experienced road cyclist (you should have taken the Group Riding Clinic and been on a number group club rides) come out and “be a kid again”. Improve your riding skills while having fun. Already taken the course? Consider taking it again. One reason I love coaching both youth and adults riding skills year after year is that I do the exercises with the class, and get to practice while I coach.

Head over to the OBC’s Advanced Riding Skills Clinic page, and consider signing up!