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RLCT Weekend Schedule

Friday Algonquin College Ottawa
15:00 Pre-Tour Accommodation - Earliest check-in at Algonquin Residence and Conference Centre
Pre-Tour Accommodation parking - Purchase parking pass on-line IN ADVANCE. See Logistics -> Getting to the Start - Parking
Room keys must be handed in Saturday morning at the front desk.

Early Tour Kit pickup and check-out, plus luggage drop-off for secure overnight holding.   Your pick-up time is to be pre-selected.  

  Perth Conlon Farm

Early Tour Kit pickup and check-out, plus luggage drop-off for secure overnight holding.   Your pick-up time is to be pre-selected.

Saturday Algonquin College Ottawa
7:00-9:30 Tour Kit pickup, Check-out and Luggage drop-off: Classic, Cruise, Challenge Tours - preselected times
10:00 Last Luggage Truck departs
Saturday Perth Conlon Farm Recreation Complex
8:00 - 10:30 Tour Kit pickup, Check-out and Luggage drop-off: Century Plus Tour - pre-selected times.
11:00 Last luggage truck departs
Saturday Queen's University Kingston

Check-in  - at Gordon-Brokington Hall - luggage pick-up on west side of McNeill House.
NOTE: After 18:00 hrs room keys can be picked up in Victoria Hall until 20:00 hrs. After 20:00 hrs keys can be picked up at David C. Smith House at 222 Stuart Street, corner of Albert and Stuart Street.  Front Desk phone number is  613-533-3183 and they are open 24 hours a day. See Queen's Site Map ⇗

13:00-22:00 Massage - sorry, not this year.



For this year's Tour, we have arranged for four yoga sessions of 30 minutes each.  These sessions will be led by Isaiah Klassen who started facilitating yoga in Kingston in 2015. He’s refined his teaching over those years with straight-forward communication, tailored modifications, and delicate hands-on adjustments. In his classes, you can expect an ongoing investigation into how postures and sequencing can facilitate deep mind-body awareness. You can also expect posterior chain release.    The number in each session will be limited so make certain to sign-up when you arrive at Queen's.

13:00-18:00 Beer Garden 
17:30-20:00 Dinner - 10 Bader Lane (Ban Righ Hall)
Sunday Queen's University Kingston

Breakfast - 10 Bader Lane (Ban Righ Hall)  - no breakfast before 5:30



NOTE: Riders returning to Ottawa your key and luggage drop off west of McNeill House. Riders returning to Perth drop off keys and luggage at Perth Luggage Truck parked on the south side of McNeill House.

9:00-10:00 Luggage trucks depart
Sunday Perth Conlon Farm Recreation Complex
12:00-14:00 Luggage pick up and Welcome Back BBQ: Century Plus Tour
Sunday Algonquin College Ottawa
13:00-18:00 Luggage pick up and Welcome Back BBQ: Classic, Cruise, Challenge Tours

Unclaimed Luggage - Lost and Found:

  • After 2:00 PM Sunday, unclaimed Perth-bound luggage will be transported to Ottawa and can be picked up at Algonquin College - room TBD - up until 6:00 PM.
  • items left in a Tour support vehicle (SAG/repair) can be picked up before 6:00pm Sunday at Algonquin check-in or at the OBC office on Monday between 3-8pm.
  • After 6:00 PM Sunday, all unclaimed luggage can be picked up at the OBC Office call 613-230-1064.
  • Lost and found items from Queen's will be available at the OBC office approximately a week later.