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Greening the RLCT

One of the objectives of the 2022 RLCT was to reduce the environmental impact of the tour.   

Instead of purchasing single use water bottles for the rest stops we supplied either 18L water bottles or municipal water at the official rest stops.   The SAG vehicles also carried large reusable water bottles. 

Carbon Offsets were purchased based on the estimated distances of the support vehicles (SAG vehicles, police vehicles, luggage trucks, etc.)

Also, the money saved by not supplying T-shirts to all riders was donated to the charity - Trips for Kids Ottawa.  

Lot's of Sun, bit of rain

... makes for a great tour!

Congrats to all the riders!

Congrats to Byron, Linda, Pam and everyone else that worked so hard to make this happen!

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Follow the Facebook events to stay informed and participate in route-specific (and possible bib transfer) discussions. Don't forget to also share them with your friends!

(posted March 5th, 2022)

Old News

Rain on Sunday - Bus Back

If you're worried about biking back in the rain forecasted for Sunday, we are working on having a bus or two available for you to ride back at your cost.  The cost of a ride from Kingston to Ottawa works out to be $45; from Kingston to Perth $30; and from Perth to Ottawa $30 - plus HST.   If you are willing to commit to this please go to the Club's Store, click on bus fare and complete the form. You will have to sign a waiver the releases the bus company, the Ottawa Bicycle Club and Ontario Cycling from any claims resulting from damage of your bicycle while being transported.  There was just enough interest for us to order one bus.   That bus will be filled on a first-come-first-seated basis.   

(posted June 10th?)

Bib pick-up by last name

This year we were unable to reliably send out individual e-mails with your bib number.  The bib pick-up will be done by the first letter of your last name.   

(posted June 9th?)

June 8th  email to Riders

An email to all riders went out today. You may view it here: June 8th Update ⇗.

(posted June 8th, 2022)

COVID and Masks

At present, the hosting facilities still require masks to be worn while in interior public space.  The hosting facilities are relaxing some covid protocols:   Queen's University will have the cafeteria open for our use, and Algonquin College is opening its residence for participants who want to stay there on the night of the June 10th.

(posted Apr 7th, 2022, revised May 2nd)

Route Update V2

Release version V2 for Classic and Challenge routes because of road closures in Perth.

(Posted June 1st, 2022)

Ashton Park will now have food

Great news!  The Ashton Park stop on the Classic and Challenge routes will now have food available at the Farmers' Market on Saturday morning and special for RLCT, on Sunday early afternoon.   The canteen is not running this year, so this is great to have.  Cash Only.

The food vendors in Ashton, Perth, Toledo and Perth Road Village can only accept cash so remember to bring what you think you might need - probably more.

Food Menus

Our food menus just arrived! See Accommodation page!

(posted June 7th 2022)

Packing for the tour!

Are you getting ready to ride?   The tour starts in four days.

When you pick up your ride bib, there is a luggage tag attached which you tear off and attach to your luggage either with a zip-tie or elastic.   Your luggage should not be larger than a airplane carry on, i.e. less than 10kg - it's only one night.   We will not carry spare wheels, etc.  As it is very likely that we'll get some rain and the luggage will be piled outside you should put your clothes, etc. inside a plastic bag, then inside your bag.  Do not put your bag inside a plastic bag as the luggage tag will not stay on and it is too difficult to handle.

You will pick up your T-shirt at Queen's University, if you ordered one.    And pick-up your room key and meal tickets at Queen's if you are staying there.

(posted June 7th, 2022)

RidewithGPS files

... take me to the RidewithGPS files!

Remember to check back on Friday before the event to make sure you have any revisions/updates!

Are you ready to ride?

The weather is looking good, cool with maybe some showers, but there should be lots of sunshine.   The tour officials are now packing all the material for Algonquin College, Conlon Farm, Last Duel Park and Queen's University.   If there are changes to your plans those will have to be dealt with at the registration desks at Algonquin College, Conlon Farm Perth or at Queen's University.  

(posted June 5/2022)

Pre-scheduling Bib Pick-up and Luggage Drop-off

There was a glitch with Webscorer that has now been fixed.   

We ask all riders to pre-schedule their bib pick-up and luggage drop-off for all routes.

Please go to:  for instructions.

Parking Passes at Algonquin.  

Parking passes for the weekend (Ottawa Start Only - 1, 2 and 3 day options) are now available. Go to Logistics->Getting to the Start - Parking.

Selling/buying Bib#s

Registration for the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour is now closed, but bib numbers can still be bought and sold privately. The organization committee does not maintain a list of buyers or sellers, so consider using the RLCT Facebook events page to find others looking to transfer their registration for a specific route. More information on making registration changes can be found on the RLCT changes page.

(posted May 26th, 2022)

Yoga at Queen's 

For this year's Tour, we have arranged for four yoga sessions of 30 minutes each,  starting at 14hr on Saturday afternoon at Queen's.   See Yoga for details.

The number in each session will be limited so make certain to sign-up when you arrive at Queen's.

(posted May 24th, 2022, Adjusted June 6th.)

Email sent May 23rd

On May 23rd, an email was sent through MailChimp to all registrants of this year's RLCT, including those who are only getting accommodation at Queen's.    This email may, depending on your email server, be put in the SPAM or JUNK or SOCIAL folders.    If more than one person used the same email address there will only be one email sent.   Also, there was an erroneous link provided with the initial email that was corrected in a subsequent email.  If you received neither of these emails, please contact the club office -

(posted May 24th, 2022)


As we are short of volunteers to hand out bibs at Conlon Farm in Perth, we will have a special bib-pickup at the OBC Office this Sunday, June 5, from 13:00 to 17:00.  THIS IS FOR THOSE REGISTERED FOR A PERTH START ONLY.   Please bring photo ID.   If you're picking up bibs for other people please bring printed confirmations so we can put that in the file.  

Anyone registered for an Ottawa start still needs to select a time through Webscorer as instructed at:  

 THIS IS NOT A LUGGAGE DROP-OF.  You will still need to take your luggage to Perth either Friday evening or Saturday morning at the times indicated in Weekend Schedule (under Logistics)  The luggage must be tagged as instructed.

NOTE:  There is little space in the office and we don't know how many people to expect so it is likely that the line-up will be quite long - be prepared to wait.

Volunteer Perks

What are the perks of volunteering for #RLCT2022?

An invitation to the paid volunteer appreciation dinner where great prizes can be won:

  • full bike fit w/ James Van Toever (@physiobikefitter) - $375 value
  • Dell products
  • OBC jerseys
  • @retroridesca gift certificates
  • @ottawabikecafe gift certificates
  • $50 gift cards

and more..

Let's not forget being an integral part of the @ottawabicycleclub premiere cycling event...and one of the country's longest-running cycling events!

There are many volunteer roles to choose from (too many to list here!), so please check out the specifics at iVolunteer ⇗ or contact Linda at Linda at the OBC office ⇗.


(posted May 3rd, 2022)

Registration is now closed.

.. but we still need volunteers!

(posted May 14th, 2022)

Perth Start Full   

Registration for the Perth Start has now reached capacity.


Registration Extension

The registrations for both the Ottawa and Perth start/finish have been extended until May 13 or when they reach capacity.  The Perth start is now sold out.

Volunteers are still needed for helping at Perth and some other tasks.   Go to the volunteer page to learn more and read the article below regarding perks for volunteering.

(posted May 5, 2022)

Staying at Algonquin  

The link for the reduced room rate for staying at Algonquin College is now available on the Accommodations page.

(posted May 2nd, 2022)

Hurry! Registration closes May 6

Time is running out to sign-up for #RLCT2022. Registration closes on Friday, May 6th at midnight and spaces are filling up!

Register and WIN!

Register now and be entered into a random draw* for free entry into the 50th anniversary RLCT event in 2023 (full registration w/ accommodation included). As an added bonus, OBC members will also be entered into a draw to win a full OBC kit (bibs + jersey).

Spread the word, bring a friend, and ride one of the country's longest-running cycling events!

bring a friend

*If you're already registered for this year's tour, you too will be eligible to be entered into the draw(s) and have a chance to win!

(posted April 28, 2022)

​Volunteers still needed!

Volunteers are still needed for key tasks, some can be done if you are also riding. For example, if you're a registered participant that is interested in becoming a Ride Marshal, let us know by April 14.

If you are not riding the tour, volunteers are needed for several assignments, such as driving the SAG vehicles or loading/unloading luggage or helping with registration in Perth.  Check out the user-friendly iVolunteer page ⇗ to get more information about the assignments and to sign-up!

(posted Apr 7th, 2022)

#RLCT2022 filling up!

The #RLCT2022 has 800 participants already registered and is only 68 days away! 

Registrations close on May 6th, but as registrations are approaching the 1200 rider maximum for this year, you should register soon !

(posted Apr 7th, 2022) 

Club Social: RLCT  Primer

Join us for our first in-person “social” in over two years!

Wednesday, 30 March, 2022, at the Mill St Pub (cash bar). Fun starts at 7:00 pm.

Here is your chance to learn some tips and tricks to help you have your best Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour ever! A number of Rideau Lakes veterans will be on hand to share their secrets on training, nutrition, and more! The evening will start with brief presentations, followed by a Q and A session, then an open social opportunity to chat, ask further questions and share experiences.

While this evening will be of most interest to new, or relatively new Rideau Lakes participants, Rideau Lakes veterans out there are most welcome to come along and share their knowledge and experience!

Do you have a question you would like to be sure gets addressed at this gathering? Send it along to

Pre-registration (opens March 8 and closes March 28) is required to help manage event logistics: webscore ⇗

(posted March 28th, 2022)

Volunteer Now!

We have just opened up our iVolunteer database management system.

Take a look and see how you can give back to the OBC!

Visit Volunteer-Now !


Volunteer - yellow
Try it .. you'll have fun!


(posted Feb 15th, 2022)

The excitement builds ..

We are excited to announce that, after a two-year hiatus, the OBC intends to run the 49th Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (RLCT) on June 11 and 12, 2022. Show us your excitement too by using the #RLCT2022 hashtag on social media!

Planning has begun and discussions are well advanced with Queen's University and other partners with respect to managing pandemic restrictions and enhancing the experience for participants. At present, it looks like this year’s event will have considerably fewer participants unless there is an easing of the health restrictions. In addition, there has been some increase in costs which will be reflected in the registration fee and a number of enhancements are being considered this year, including reducing the environmental impact of the tour. With the evolving situation, we encourage you to check the this website, Instagram and Facebook pages regularly for updates.

It is anticipated that registration will begin around March 1, 2022 with a brief pre-registration period open only to OBC members. As in past years, OBC members will also qualify for a reduced registration rate. With limited spots available, be sure to register early!

(posted Feb 13th, 2022)


RLCT 2022 - stay tuned!


You have been so patient waiting for RLCT 2022!

Just hang in there a wee bit more ....  and we'll have you registered and raring to go!

(posted mid-January)











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