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Calling All Route Marshals!

Route Marshals are respected riders who are the Ottawa Bicycle Club's (OBC) safety ambassadors to help keep the RLCT riders safe while on route. On the Tour weekend, safety is our number one priority and is critical to keeping a quality Tour. As such we need registered, experienced cyclists who can set a great example for our riders.

Use iVolunteer ⇗ to register as a marshal. Sorry, no free ride - you are expected to register for the event too!

NOTE: We need to know by April 14th, 2022 if you are volunteering to be a marshal so register early!

Route Marshal Responsibilities

Route Marshals act as safety ambassadors by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviours. Marshals also perform the role of Incident Responders at accident scenes along routes and identify unsafe cyclists to Tour officials.

Route Marshals may be asked to provide basic assistance to riders who may experience problems, such as flat tires.

Route Marshal Eligibility Requirements

The RLCT Committee is seeking safety-focused, experienced and enthusiastic riders to join the RLCT Marshal team. Eligibility requirements include:

  • A passion for and knowledge about safe cycling.
  • A willingness to work with all levels of cyclists to promote safe cycling.
  • Current OBC membership.
  • Riding experience and ability to complete the RLCT.
  • Be willing to work as a team to provide well distributed route coverage over the length and duration each day.
  • Access to a mobile phone for use during the RLCT.
  • Carrying a First Aid kit and being prepared to provide basic First Aid. First Aid certification is an asset.
  • Assisting cyclists with mechanical needs, contacting a Support and Gear (SAG) team and staying with cyclist if necessary.


  • Marshal Training to be completed by all new Marshals.
  • Details on training yet to be determined.
  • Yes, we'll likely figure-out how to engage Returning Marshals in the training strategy.

For being a Marshal, you will receive:  

  • Beverage and Food Tickets (Queen's)
  • An invitation to the 2022 Volunteer Appreciation Event date and location to be determined.
  • Eligible for volunteer prizes.
  • Special coloured tour bib.

Marshals starting from Ottawa on Saturday may pickup their Tour Kit at Algonquin on the Friday before the tour.

Marshals starting from Perth, your Tour Kit will be available in Perth at the check-out desk. You can not pickup Friday in Ottawa as your kit will be in transit to Perth.