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Fitness Tips

  • Follow a training plan that progressively adds distance, but includes rest.
    • Allow for 8 to 10 weeks of preparation.  That means starting in early April!
    • Ride your bike everywhere! Ride in Gatineau Park as often as you can.
    • Take the stairs whenever you can. Include strength maintenance and stretching in your plan – like squats/lunges and yin yoga.
    • The OBC library has lots of routes to choose from: ⇗
  • Aim to ride a minimum of 1000 km prior to the RLCT – more is better if you are doing the longer routes.
  • The key is doing back-to-back training rides, just like on RLCT weekend.
    • For example, for riding the Classic or Cruise routes, a progression of back-to-back rides would start with 50 KM, then add 25km to each ride in subsequent weeks until you have reached 150 km per day for your 5th back-to-back ride (that will be 1000 km in five training weekends). All of these rides are at a moderate effort level, you should be able to easily carry on a conversation.
    • You can scale that plan for the Century+ ride (build up to 90k back-to-back) or the Challenge (build to 180k).
    • Better yet, include mid-week training rides in your plan. One approach would be to ride the planned weekend distance once during the week (so, in the above example, ride 50k, progressing to the 150k, on a weekday prior to the back-to-back rides). Alternatively, do rides that are shorter but more intense in effort. HIIT workouts are very time-efficient and can be very effective! On Sunday morning of the RLCT you will be glad you did this extra effort.
  • A great way to get in some training: participate in the OBC’s group rides. You may also find cyclists you can ride the tour with! Register in advance for these rides, via the club calendar – which lists the upcoming rides – on the club’s home page: ⇗