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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I have special needs, can you accommodate me?

Depending on the need, yes we can make certain accommodations - for example those riding a tandem bicycle should note that when registering so that we may find ground floor accommodations for them.

Also we offer a variety of food selection options at dinner for various diets.

For other needs, we ask you to please email the office ⇗ and we'll do our best to help you out.

Q2: Do I need to know how to ride in a peloton?

No you don't need to know how to ride in a peloton to participate as the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour is a challenging tour but it is not a race. Groups are intended to be no more than 12 and can be as small as one or two.

Q3: We're a group of three; can we all share a room?

Unfortunately we only have double rooms (shared bed or two beds) available at this time.

Q4: How can I add the Saturday morning breakfast to my registration?

This year we are not offering Saturday Breakfast. If Algonquin College Residence opens, we will reconsider. Note that there are a number of fast food places close to the residence such as Tim Horton's and McDonald's.

Q5: How do I change my accommodation from a single to a double room?

Go to Register->Registration Changes->My Registration changes on CCN and follow directions.

Q6: How do I make other changes to my registration?

Please see previous question and answer.

Q7: Do I need to be a member of the OBC/OCA to ride the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour?

No there is not a requirement for you to be a member of the OBC or the OCA to ride the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour - you can register as a non-member.

The OBC member discount is significant for members who participate in our many activities throughout the year, but it is not intended to cover the full price of OBC/OCA membership. If the RLCT is the only OBC event you will participate in this year, it will be cheaper for you not to join the OBC.

Q8: Will I save any money by joining the OBC?

See answer to Q7.

Q9: Do Century Plus Tour registrants pick up their bibs in Perth or in Ottawa?

New for 2022, we have an Ottawa Pick-up for Perth Only Start! (.. but as of June 6th, 2022 this pick-up as come and gone.. sorry).

If picking up Tour Kits on the Tour Weekend, Century Plus registrants must pick up in Perth. See also Register->Changes-Bib Transfers and specifically Switching to the Century Plus Tour after May 6th, 2022

Q10: Can Century Plus Tour registrants pick up their bibs on Friday evening?

No but see answer to Q9!

Q11: Is there a Participant's List?

Yes. Click on the Register Now button to get to the CCN Registration page.  Scroll down and select 'Registrant Search', then enter the name of the person whose registration you are searching for.

Q12: I can't ride Sunday .. how do I get home?

If for whatever reason you cannot cycle back to Perth/Ottawa on Sunday, you can contact:

  • Intercity Bus (Coach Canada) 613 547-4916
  • Kingston-Amherst Taxi: 613 542-3333
  • Via Rail Canada: Information and reservation: (888) 842-7245

Q13: Can I cancel and get my money back?

Sorry, no refunds - but see Q14!

Q14: Can I sell my registration to another rider?

Yes - see Registration->Changes->Selling or Buying a Registration

Q15: If I can't finish - what do I do and who do I to tell?

  • On Route: If you are on a supported route and it is not a medical emergency but you are injured or have a mechanical issue with your bike that cannot be fixed, please contact the Radio Operators as they are positioned about every 15kms or so or contact a support vehicle while it is driving by.  They will do their best to transport you to either your starting point (Algonquin or Perth), or end point for the day (Queen's or Algonquin).  From there you can call a cab, friend or family member to pick you up.
  • Sunday and can't ride: see FAQ 12