February Spokesperson

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2017 OBC membership registration

2017 OBC membership registration now open on the Becoming a Member page.

President's Message

Your Board is busy with preparations for the 2017 cycling season.

Club membership is now open, as is registration for the 46th Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (June 10-11). Details of our day tours are being finalized and the posts for Spring to Virginia and Pennsylvania (April 21-29) and Westport (May 17-19) are available. The youth and racing programs are gearing up and some week-end track cycling activities are proposed for the coming months. See our website for specifics.

The winter months also give us a chance to review and revise some of our OBC policies and strengthen our online presence and approaches to registration and other administrative tasks. Your ideas are welcome.

And to keep you in shape, two cross-country ski nights are planned for Gatineau Park on February 2 and 22. The chat will be spokes and wax and…

Jenny Moore, OBC President


RLCT Update

It's never too early to think about cycling season!

By the time you read this, OBC membership registration will have opened online. If you have not yet registered, remember to check the OBC Website and register! Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour registration will open February 1st, 2017. If you are a member or planning on becoming a member, it is best to complete your OBC membership registration first, then register for the Tour after so that the right discounts can be applied to your fee.

Meeting once a month, currently your Rideau Lakes team is busy planning road trips to tour the routes, visit Algonquin and Queen's University, designing the T-Shirt logo, and working on communication and online systems for the route.

Like last year, the RLCT Facebook event page will be used regularly to update RLCT cyclists by sharing important information about the routes, weather, communities offering lunches or rest stops, last minute changes to the routes due to construction and other important safety information. There will be something for every cyclist on the page starting in mid-February, including training tips, links to YouTube "how-to" videos, volunteer recruitment information and fun cycling facts. If you have any pictures from previous tours (sun, rain, cold) and wouldn't mind if the Club uses them on Facebook, please share them with the Office Administrator.

Remember to log on to Facebook and join the 2017 RLCT event page to keep up to date with the latest news! We hope you are planning on riding the 46th annual Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour.

Happy Training!

Touring Update

January means summer planning at the OBC; planning for memberships, RLCT, Tours, weekly rides, Socials, Education and GRC guidelines. If you have volunteered in the past or are interested in becoming a group leader or a Group Riding Clinic instructor, add the following date to your agenda:


2017 Group Leaders/GRC Instructors meeting


Monday, March 13

Meeting Room at OBC office at 7:00 pm


  • CanBike Course
  • First Aid Certification
  • Safety/Rules of the road
  • Clinic and Rambler Schedules
  • Group Leader Jerseys
  • Departure locations for 2017
  • Suggestions for a safer summer
  • Refreshments

If you have an item to add to the agenda, please contact me or the club office. I am always looking for suggestions to improve the routes and the leading experience on our Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday rides.

Touring Director - Nicolas Déry

Spring to Virginia April 21st to 29th


vThis year, we'll be returning to two of our favourite locations: Lexington, Virginia and Strasburg, Pennsylvania. This trip is a great way to kick start your cycling season cycling on quiet paved roads. The terrain ranges from small towns, farms, horse ranches on palatial estates, to forest and are considered by many to be some of the best cycling available in North America. This trip offers a range of cycling options for the recreational cyclist to the more hard core. You will be able to select rides each day of 40 km on rolling terrain to 150 km in the Blue Ridge mountains. History buffs will appreciate the rich military history of Lexington. Strasburg is located in the center of Amish country.

The Tour is limited to 24 participants so be sure to submit your application form early - in the past this tour has filled quickly. Registration deadline is Tuesday, 14 February 2017. Accommodation has been booked on a shared basis (two people per room).

More information and electronic registration available on the Spring to Virginia page.

Westport (Back Again) May 17th to 19th

Westport offers ideal terrain for Spring Training. Routes heading North to villages such as Maberly, Lanark , Sharbot Lake or Elphyn  travel along mostly quiet but hilly roads. You can also enjoy more undulating terrain by heading East toward Brockville through small villages such as Athens, Delta and Lyndherst.


The tour will take you to the most impressive locks on the Rideau Canal Lock System (The Narrows, Newboro, Chaffeys, Davis and Jones Falls).

It is an ideal "first tour" for members to develop an appreciation for OBC Tours. Westport is only 90 minutes from Ottawa and accommodation at the Cove Inn  is quaint and very affordable.

More information and electronic registration available on the Westport page. 


TWO OBC X-C Ski Socials!


Thursday, February 2nd AND Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017.

Back by popular demand, we are giving you TWO chances to get to an OBC Cross-country Ski Social!  On both nights, please meet in the P10 parking lot in Gatineau Park at 6:15 p.m.  We will ski up the Fortune Parkway and turn west at the T-junction toward the Champlain Lookout.  We will meet at the Huron Cabin at about 7:15 p.m. to 7:30ish. If you like, bring a snack wrapped in tin foil to warm up on the stove and something to drink. If you can, please bring an item to share with each other (e.g., a can of cashews, a bag of chips, an assortment of vegetables with dip).

Door Prizes will be given out and we will have a great time as always! Non-members are welcome!

We should stay about an hour or so, then ski back down to the cars for about 9:30ish. I will be at P10 with a navy blue Subaru Imprezza  (licence BKKM 039) at 6:15 p.m.. We will assemble in the parking lot and go from there. My cell number is (613) 668-1076.

Drop in to see us if you are skiing on your own! Take care.

NOTE: if it is raining and miserable, or snow conditions are really bad, we will move the social to Old Chelsea and meet at a local eatery, and socialize as usual.



George Gonis - OBC Social Director

OBC Social February 15th 2017 "GAP Tour"

ALL ABOARD for the GAP Tour with Les Humphries!


steam Train 101.jpg

The presentation is at the HMCS Bytown Officers' Mess (Naval) CROW'S NEST at 78 Lisgar It begins at 7:30 p.m.'ish'. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Look for the anchor on the lawn directly across the street from the south entrance of Ottawa City Hall. And, there is a cash bar and door prizes to boot. Let's hope to see you there. Non OBC members are most welcome. Note: there is limited free parking on the east side of the building. Get there early for a spot. The following are some of Les' recollections and keen historical observations from his tour.

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a rail/canal trail running from Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC. The first section comprises a rail trail running 150 miles from Pittsburgh to Cumberland MD. The latter section traces the former Chesapeake and Ohio canal 185 miles from Cumberland to Washington.




With the prospect of a geriatric friendly ride through America's industrial history, three 'oldphartz' from the Almonte Bicycle Club drove 500 miles from Ottawa to Pittsburgh to check it out. An easy 9 hour drive on expressways from Syracuse to Buffalo saw us cruising by acre after acre of vineyards along the shore of Lake Erie until we reached Pennsylvania's lakeport town of Erie. From Erie, we travelled south through predominately wooded terrain, until, finally, descending a narrow valley, the Pittsburgh skyline loomed across the horizon ...




At Homewood (near Pittsburgh), a bronze relief recalled a poignant reminder of America's labour struggles, telling of a battle with Pinkerton strikebreakers.


Connelsville, our first night's destination, was a former coke producer. Coke, an essential ingredient in the smelting of steel, was produced by roasting coal in an oven.


We stopped for lunch in a cafe in Sutersville, and, shortly afterwards, we checked out the station at West Newton, which contained a whole range of trail memorabilia, including tee shirts, jerseys, caps, maps and postcards.


... we stopped for lunch at Confluence. This was Turkeyfoot, where George Washington had camped en route to Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh), some 250 years earlier. While we were a little early for the annual chainsaw carving festival.


We stopped for lunch at the Frostburg trailhead, where the steam train had just disgorged a coachload of visitors. We spent a while taking photos of the train and an interesting collection of cycling sculptures before setting off downhill on the gravel path beside the tracks.


... we continued on, with the dry canal bed on our left and the Potomac River on our right, again, under a canopy of leaves. For the rest of the day we passed narrowly beside a canal bed overwhelmed by an all encompassing forest.


Fort Frederick, our first stop, was constructed in the late 1700s by the Maryland governor. High stone ramparts enclosed living quarters for local militia. All had been restored, complete with furniture, open free to visitors and entertained by a staff of re-enactors who created a vivid picture of colonial life.


At Williamsport, we visited an interesting collection of historical exhibits in the warehouses overlooking the canal basin. After stopping for lunch downtown, we continued on under more cliffs to Big Slackwater where the path became a concrete apron, custom built for trail users. This as certainly one of the most spectacular sections, and well worth the wait.


We arrived just in time to catch a freight emerging from the tunnel. It was at Harpers Ferry that the abolitionist, John Brown, took over the Federal Armoury in a skirmish that sparked off the Civil War.


... we were away from traffic and off on a quiet byway headed for Emmetsburgh.


The last 10 miles was punctuated by stops at memorials to supporting troops deployed south of the battlefield. The battlefield itself has been preserved as a National Park, with paved roads linking all the points of interest and a large visitor centre. As we approached Cemetery Ridge, memorials proliferated, as did groups of sightseers, making their way through the park, some by tour bus, some by car, and a few by bike.



I look forward to seeing you at the HMCS By Town Officers' Mess on February 15th! Take care.

George Gonis  -  OBC Social Director


OBC Open House Report

The OBC Open House was another wonderful social event. About forty or so participants cruised in on a cool, crisp day and we all had a great time. We were all happy to meet and greet with several OBC directors including smilin' Ron Stoneham (Treasurer), André Gauthier (then Touring), Bob Hicks (Edu(then Secretary)cation), Nicolas Dery (then Director w/o portfolio),Joel Stelpstra (then Secretary) Scott McDougall (then Marketing and Communication), Malcolm Townsend (Director w/o Portfolio), and of course, our President, Jenny Moore. Also, Susanne Reid cheerfully represented the RLCT Committee. Thank you for all coming out and spreading good cheer.  WP_20161218_003.jpg


The food was just amazing! We ordered ready made sandwiches, including wraps and ciabatta bread sandwiches, a meat and cheese tray, a vegetable tray, and a fruit tray from Independent Grocers on Montreal Road - and they come through splendidly! We even got out the panini press and warmed things up. Complementing the freshly made food and store bought treats were made to order waffles, hot off the waffle iron, topped with berries, whipped cream, and maple syrup. The treats included chocolates, a Ferrero Rocher ‘tree', a chocolate log cake, cookies, pastries, candy-canes (lots of candy canes), and chips. Drinks included assorted soft drinks, sparkling water, tea, and medium dark roast coffee from Equator Coffee. And, we did our best to accommodate those with dietary concerns and preferences. Whoa! Dining was good.


WP_20161218_010.jpg  WP_20161218_012.jpg  


Thank you all for making the effort to get out and create some team spirit! We hope to see you next year. Take care.

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

More photos courtesy of Jenny Moore are in the club gallery


Ride the track 


Track Cycling Trips to the Forest City Velodrome - Feb 24-16 & March 24-26 

I am planning two weekend trips to Forest City Velodrome (FCV) in London Ontario. One in February and one in March. All ages, from 13 to adult to, well, "even older than me" are welcome. New track riders are welcome, but all participants should have strong basic cycling skills, and be able to maintain a speed of at least 35KPH for 10 minutes. 

We have the flexibility to tailor the training to each rider. We want to make sure all riders have a program that addresses their goals. There will be training sessions for competitive riders, as well as sessions for new and recreational riders.
I expect the cost to be $120 per rider for the 3 days, including track bike rental, plus hotel, plus meals. I'll take the OBC van, which holds 8. The OBC Junior race team gets first dibs on seats in the van.


  • February 24-26
  • March 24-26


The exact schedule will depend on the makeup of the attendees, and what else is scheduled at FCV the weekends we attend. Here's an example:Friday:

  • Leave OBC Office at 9:00AM
  • Arrive Forest City Velodrome 4:30PM
  • Friday 5:00-7:00PM:
    • "Track 1" beginner training & certification for new track riders
    • Easy group riding for experienced riders
  • Friday 7:00-9:00PM:
    • OBC Private track session: break into groups and do training based on ability & need.
  • Sat morning: Private Track Session 8:00-9:00
    • OBC Private track session: break into groups and do training based on ability & need.
  • Sat morning: Open Recreational riding session 9:00-11:00
    • Track shared with others. 
  • Saturday Afternoon: Noon-3:00PM - Youth Training
    • Structured Coached Training for youth, run by the FCV Youth Coach
  • Saturday Evening - OBC Private Track Session
    • Given the youth will have burned themselves out in the afternoon, we'll focus this session on the adults.
  • Sunday Morning 8:00-10:00AM
    • OBC Private track session: break into groups and do training based on ability & need.
  • Sunday 10:00AM-Noon Open Recreational riding session 
    • Track shared with others. 
  • Leave FCV 1:00PM, back at OBC offices Sunday 8:30PM

If you are interested please contact Bill Bourne at bill@bashd.ca indicating which sessions you would like to attend, whether you need transportation and accommodation, and your age, cycling level, and track cycling experience.

Feel free to contact Bill with any questions you have.

May Court Club Life Cycle Ride

The first annual May Court Club Life Cycle Ride Sunday June 4th 9:00AM - A 50km ride to support the May Court Club 114 Cameron Ave Ottawa

Join us Sunday June 4th 9:00am and learn more about the May Court Club and the charities that they support, including the May Court Hospice.

The 50km ride will be guided and will take you along the Rideau River, starting at 114 Cameron Ave and back again

Each rider will get a fabulous jersey, a hot meal served inside the May Court Club and beer provided by Beaus Brewery and lots of opportunity to learn about what the May Court Club does for our community.

Registration and Cost

The cost is 144.00 per rider. This includes the special LIFE CYCLE jersey, hot meal, supported ride and beer.

All riders must register with the May Court Club, this ride is limited to 100 riders only!  Please call 613 235-0333 to register

Further information please contact Karine Langley kmslangley@gmail.com (the organizer who created the original Beaus Oktoberfest ride)

Karine Langley OBC Member

OK Cycle Tours

OK Cycle and Adventure Tour's next presentation evening will be February 22nd at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library 120 Metcalfe corner Laurier at 7:00 p.m. Room B125.

Topic will be Road Cycling Tour Opportunities Around the World. Yes. Scotland or Austria or France or Germany or Italy or Columbia or...

Many places and options will be discussed.

And certainly the Ottawa to Kennebunkport tour will be part of the discussion. Two dates to choose from (either June 1st or July 11th) and always great comradery for the fully supported  four day ride and two different distance options each day. Hotels with breakfasts and three dinners. Luggage moved daily. Bus back on day five. Start dates June 1st or July 11th.

Information  manny@okcycletours.com

Space is limited for the presentation night. Best to rsvp katherine@okcycletours.com

Next Presentation night for March:

Different venue: Ottawa Public Library 377 Rideau Street. 7:00 pm start.

Again space is limited. Please rsvp katherine@okcycletours.com

Topic: Cycling opportunities in the country of Columbia with the cooperation of the Embassy of Columbia. An incredible country twice the size of the state of Texas. On the Caribbean  and Pacific Oceans. An incredible diverse country. Daily flights direct Toronto to Bogota.




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2017 Board of Directors

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