November Spokesperson

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President's Message

Most of our activities are winding down, except for our intrepid cyclocross members (from youth to masters) participating in the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross series and some week-end outings to the Velodrome.  It was very exciting to have Carson Miles, from the OBC Juniors, selected as a member of the Canadian team that went to the world Road Championships in Austria last month.  Congratulations to Carson and the coaches.

Overall it has been a busy and safe cycling season.  As well, around 250 members took the time to respond to our first-ever Club Survey.  From the preliminary results, you have given us some constructive ideas on our future programs which will build a stronger club.  Stay tuned. 

Your Board is gearing up for the AGM (November 12) and for the first time, the evening will also feature our Annual Awards presentation (see below for details).  And of course the 2019 OBC Board will be elected. 

After three active and rewarding years, I am stepping down.  So this is my last entry holding “the pen” for the President’s Message in the Spokesperson.  My cycling skills have improved, friendships have expanded and you are all part of our contribution to the world of cycling...for us and the next generation.

Thanks to all,  

Jenny Moore

OBC AGM & Awards Presentation November 12 2018

The 2018 OBC AGM will be held on Monday November 12 at Ottawa City Hall (Colonel By Room).  Doors will open at 6:30 p.m and the AGM will start at 6:45 p.m.

New this year: Presentation of OBC Awards, Results from the first-ever OBC Survey and the 2018-2019 RLCT.

Awards Presentation will start at 7:45pm.

Touring Events

Now that the 2018 touring season is over, I would like thank the members who took the time to host one of this year’s tours.

  • Spring to Virginia- Postponed till 2019  (Doug Goodhew)
  •  Westport weekend  (Andre Gauthier)
  •  Northumberland Weekend  (Larry Sargent)
  •  Finger Lakes (Joanne Schuck)
  •  Vermont Weekend (Bob Hicks)
  •  Vermont Inn to Inn  (Nick Close)
  •  St Jean sur Richelieu (Host Ron Stoneham)
  •  SECT (André Gauthier)

The OBC is very grateful to all the volunteer Hosts, as well as the club administrator, who put a significant effort into ensuring these events go well. If you are interested in hosting a tour in 2019 or would like to help with one of them, please contact the OBC office.

Forest City Velodrome Track Trips coming up on November

OBC Trips to Forest City Velodrome November 2-4 and November 23-25

PLEASE! We need at least 8 people, so promote this trip among your teammates and colleagues. More than 8 would be fantastic. It's much easier to run sessions with a larger number of riders.

We have two trips in November to the Forest City Velodrome (FCV) in London Ont. FCV is a really fun track to ride - great for both new and experienced riders. Our long-weekend trips to FCV are by far the best way to get significant track experience and to do some great training in a compressed timeframe at very low cost. You get an opportunity to meet, socialize, and ride with many riders from southern Ontario. And it’s a whole lot of fun!

All ages, from 11 to adult to, well, "even older than me" are welcome. New track riders are welcome, Riders should be at the T2T level and up. Adults should be at Touring 2 and up. I'll consider L2T riders on a case-by-case basis. Riders should have good basic riding skills, and be able to ride 30KPH for 15-20 minutes at a time.

We’ll make sure all riders have a program that addresses their goals. There will be training sessions for competitive riders, as well as sessions for new and recreational riders. We can accommodate youth to adults, recreational riders and racers, new track riders and experienced trackies.  We’ll have lots of track time - there will be more than enough riding time, and opportunities to do whatever training and skills development you want. 

The cost is $120 per rider for the 3 days, including track bike rental.  Hotel cost is about $100 per room per night (so $50 a night if you share a room). And you are responsible for your own food.

I'll be booking the OBC Van, which can take 8 people. Transportation in the OBC van is 100% free for the first 8 OBC members to sign up.

The FCV organization is incredibly welcoming, helpful and accommodating.  FCV is the perfect track to get introduced to track cycling as well as to develop your track riding skills.  You can see photos from a previous trip at!Ai6M5ygOH2X9iFG_EaCMViExzazB  And check out the FCV website at

The exact schedule is TBD, but you can expect something like:

  • Friday: Leave OBC Office, 170B Booth Street (at Albert) 9:30 AM
  • Friday 5:00 PM: Arrive at FCV
  • Friday 6:00 pm -- Beginner’s Track training & Certification and Private OBC club session. We will be doing beginner’s training, some skills work, plus giving experienced riders some riding time.
  • Sat morning -- Recreational ride 8:30-12:00 with FCV members
  • Sat afternoon -- Youth Structured Training 2:00-4:30 pm with the Kallisto FCV Club, Our youth can participate in the regular FCV Structured Youth Training session run by the FCV Youth coach
  • Sat. evening -- Private club session -  Group training. Will be based on ability and need. A mix of skills development and fitness efforts
  • Sun morning -- Private club session 8:00-10:00am -  Group training. Will be based on ability and need. A mix of skills development and fitness efforts
  • Sun morning -- Recreational ride 10:00-12:00 with FCV members
  • Leave FCV 1:00 PM, back at OBC offices Sunday 8:30 PM

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP.  Email

OBC Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Leona Gray who is the grand prize winner of the OBC photo contest.

Junior Racing Team - OBC at the World Championships

This year’s Road Cycling World Championships took place in Tirol, Austria in late September. Ever since the location was announced last year, it was anticipated that this would be an especially challenging and exciting event. It’s not often that the Worlds features so much climbing as they usually try to offer a “balanced” course that pits attacking climbers against the sprinters.

One rider from the OBC Junior Racing Team made getting selected to the Canadian National Team and get that ticket to Innsbruck his main objective for the season -- Carson Miles. Spoiler alert: he made it!

With goals that lofty, the hard work began in early January with weeks of early season training spent in Girona, Spain with a few friends and training partners. Not only was this a great training environment, it was also his first extended trip away from home on his own. The experience taught Carson valuable life lessons and opened his eyes to foreign countries and cultures that only far from home on one’s own can do for a young person.

With pre-season training complete, Carson returned to home base in Ottawa for a summer of racing in the hopes of getting race results that would impress National Team coaches and result in the call to represent Canada at the Junior Worlds. Carson’s first race of the season was the Calabogie Classic along with the rest of the OBC Junior Team, which was quickly followed with a trip to Redlands, California at the start of May. This race was specifically selected for its high calibre field and hilly challenging course -- an early season test of Carson’s preparation. Unfortunately, bike racing doesn’t always go as planned, with a cancelled stage due to snow and a ‘Did not finish’ (DNF) on a very challenging stage 2. This was not the result Carson had hoped for, having travelled all the way to the west coast.  But, as in life, the journey is often more important than the result and there were lots of lessons learned -- and any time you can race with the men at that level you are going to get better.

Once back in Ottawa, Carson rejoined his OBC Junior teammates and was back racing. No season is complete without a few windy, flat circuit races in Quebec including Contrecoeur which was snowed out earlier in the season and rescheduled to when the weather was actually quite pleasant. The team then travelled to Charlevoix for a hilly stage race where the Juniors raced with the elite men’s field. While not the same calibre as Redlands, the field was strong enough such that the racing was very fast and challenging -- another great simulation race leading into the Junior Worlds. The OBC attended the event with full men’s and women’s Junior Team as well as coaching and support staff which ended up being a fun, team-bonding weekend with a lot of really hard racing.

After Charlevoix, Carson really began to shine.  He won Le Nordet in Quebec, his first ever win which was made extra special as his mom, Lesley, was in the team car behind the race. This was followed the next weekend with another win at Val David. Not only did Carson win the Junior race, he placed 5th overall in a race that included the elite men. The first place was great but the 5th shows he was really coming into form and racing really well! A win at Preston Street made it three wins in three starts. After years of watching and racing this ‘home race’ it was pretty special to ride solo to the win. Doing it in front of friends and family was the cherry on top!

With the 3 wins in a row, there was a good feeling going into the Canadian National Road Championships held in Saguenay, Quebec. The event started as planned, with a 4th place finish in the time-trial and it seemed like everything was on track for a good road race and criterium. However, sickness crept in as it often does when one is on a good peak of fitness. Carson no longer felt strong on the bike and results weren’t what he had hoped for as he struggled just to finish both races.

With a couple weeks to rest and recover, Carson bounced back in time for the Tour de L’Abitibi, a premier 6-day stage race covering 660km with some of the strongest Junior riders from across Canada, the U.S. and several other countries. Although his results from Nationals weren’t what he had hoped, Carson had impressed National Team coaches enough throughout the season to be selected for the Canadian National Team that was competing at the event. It is always a proud moment for our club when one of our own is selected to compete as a member of our National Team. In addition to Carson, the OBC had a men’s team in the race as well, so we were well represented. With a strong showing in the time-trial at Nationals, and looking good in the opening couple of stages, Carson was definitely looking to ride high in the events general classification (overall standings). Again, however, disappointment struck as Carson crashed on a fast, bumpy, downhill corner in the time-trial and, with that, Carson’s individual aspirations for the event were over. It was time to switch to the role of supporting teammate and show the National Team coaches that he could take direction, do specific jobs, and race well, all of which would make him a good candidate for selection to the Junior World Championships. For a more in-depth look at the race through Carson’s eyes, check out his blog where he wrote about his experience:

After Abitibi, Carson’s focus narrowed in on getting selected for Worlds. He needed hard, hilly races with strong fields to show he was in good shape and has what it takes to be successful in the Austrian Alps. Guest riding for local team, ‘Ride With Rendall’ Carson took part in Tour de Matapedia with the elite men. Taking a handful of top 10s, setting up a teammate to win a stage, and wearing the white jersey, definitely showed what he could do. On Labour Day weekend, Carson then competed in the Green Mountain Stage Race with his OBC teammates in the mountains of Vermont. It was great outing, taking second place on stage 2, winning the ‘King of the Mountain’ jersey for a stage, and finishing the highest in the general classification in his three years of competing at the event.

With all that success over the summer campaign of racing, Carson had done it. He was selected to the Canadian National Team for the Junior World Championships! He would be competing in the Junior Men’s Road Race along with 5 other Canadian Juniors. With the main objective from the start of the season achieved, there was a collective sigh of relief among his friends, family, coaches, teammates, and everyone who had helped him along the way. If you know Carson, you’ll know that he wasn’t going to be content to just ride around in the pack in Austria. There was still work to be done!

The National Team ran a training camp for one week at the Bromont Cycling Center where Carson, along with the rest of the team, trained harder than than ever before, ate well, recovered, and grew as a team. After the first week of camp, to test the team, they raced in Montreal at the Criterium National event which takes place between the two World Tour races in Quebec and Montreal. They came really close to pulling off the win in a race against the elite men. They proved that they were the strongest team in the field, in spite of all being Juniors. They then stayed and watched the professional race which served to get the motivation that little bit higher. Then, it was two more weeks of hard work in Bromont as a team. They had access to a variety of different coaches and staff to make sure they were prepared for the maximum before flying out to Austria.

After all the work and racing to get selected, all that was now left was this last race of the year. Carson flew to Innsbruck early and stayed with teammates to get accustomed to the time change and the courses. When the day of the race finally came he knew there was nothing more he could do to be better prepared. For those who watched the race live, you would have seen Carson featuring prominently at the front of the race peloton with his glowing white Oakley helmet and sunglasses -- easy for friends and fans to pick out. Always in the top quarter of the peloton, you could see Carson working with the other Canadians to stay out of trouble and away from the major crashes that were taking many riders out of the race early. While the Canadian’s positioning was good, there’s only so much you can do. As the peloton got closer to the first climb of the day, the speed came up and sketchy factor doubled. No longer were the crashes at the back or halfway back in the field but they started to take out out entire teams in the first row of the peloton. Eventually the inevitable happened, and the Canadians were tangled up in the same crash as the eventual winner. After some bike repairs and a wheel swap, Carson was able to get going again but he wouldn’t be able to make it back to the front of the race. Try as you might to build skills and promote learning, there is no substitute to riding shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world. Seeing Canada ride as a unit next to the well drilled Italian, German, Danish and Belgian teams taught lessons that will serve Carson well for the rest of his cycling career. We are super proud of Carson and while maybe not coming away with the result he had hoped for, the World Championships were a huge step in his development as a racer.


Carson (centre) with his Junior World Championships Teammates

We hope this article highlights the crazy ups and down and all that is entailed in a season when an athlete has lofty goals like Carson. Our little club can be proud to have been part of the journey. On that note, there was another OBC Junior team alumni racing; Katherine Maine took part in her first Elite Road World Championships. She played an instrumental role in supporting her teammates, Karol-Ann Canuel and Sara Poidevan’s 6th and 12th place finishes respectively. This was one of the best results from Canada in a long time. Shawn Clarke, the OBC Junior Team head coach was also on location, assisting the staff of the National Team. Overall, the OBC was well represented at Worlds! Although not a Junior team alumni, from the Ottawa/Gatineau cycling community, we also had Karol-Ann Canuel finish 2nd in the team-time-trial, 8th in the individual-time-trial and 6th in the road race. And finally, we also saw Mike Woods race for 3rd place in the Elite Men’s Road Race. From a national perspective, Canada enjoyed its best World Championships to date, finishing 4th in the overall nations ranking. Only the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium finished ahead of us. The future of cycling looks pretty bright for our area and our country!

Annual RLCT - How does this all come about?

The AGM provides an opportunity for OBC members to learn how RLCT 2018 shapes RLCT 2019 in terms of safety, fun and great memories. 

Hear about:

  • potential ways to lessen traffic on the increasingly popular Century route (38.9% riders vs 44.7% Classic riders)
  • inquiry into online registration option to buy $50 & $100 coupons towards Tour registration as gift giving (birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries)
  • potential new vintage bike category: did you know that 63% of 2018 riders are in the category for pre-87 vintage bikes
  • Marshal Program remodelling ideas 
  • Volunteer opportunities to match your skills and interest

Hope to see both returning and new faces at the AGM on November 12th!

Susanne Reid (RLCT Event Manager)

Cuba Cycle Tours

Tom Robertson of has been offering cycle tours to Cuba for twenty years and only does a few each year.  The tours are fully supported with Cuban cycle guide and very experienced driver.  Tours are geared to all level of cyclist with daily rides averaging 60 to 70 kms.  Maximum 17 cyclists so early booking is very essential.

For tour details go to and click ‘sports tours’

To book contact

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