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Season’s End Cycling Tour - Calabogie Peaks Tour

One night, two days of Fall cycling in Ottawa’s backyard.
The weekend of  September 22-23, 2018

This year’s SECT will begin in Ottawa and take riders “up the Valley” for a one night stay at the beautiful Calabogie Peaks Resort (Where memories are made on the mountain, lake and land). This is a perfect end of season tour location with terrain ranging from undulating to hilly ... to hillier.

The departure location is the Terry Fox Park and Ride off Roland Michener Dr in Kanata. You can take an OC Transpo bus, park your car or have someone drop you off at the departure. The OBC van takes care of the luggage.

If you would prefer driving to Calabogie in order to cycle from the resort, there are a few routes available for the  road  as well as along the K&P Rail Trail for hybrid/mountain bikes.
 Visit our website for further details and registration information.

André Gauthier
Touring Events


OBC Track Cycling Trip to Bromont Velodrome, Sunday, August 19th

It's time to register for our next OBC summer track cycling trip to the Bromont velodrome, coming up on Sunday, August 19th.

Our first two trips in July and August were both very successful. We had riders from ages 12 to 60+, a dozen brand new track riders, as well as some (fast!), experienced track racers. And half were women. Everyone had a great time, and we got a few new riders “hooked” on track!

If you have never ridden a velodrome before, these sessions are a great way to get introduced to the joys of track cycling.  Experienced track cyclists will also get a lot out of this trip. There will be a range of exercises and riding customized to the specific people that attend. We'll accommodate all fitness levels and interests, and there will be opportunities to "crank it up" if you want.

To attend these sessions, you need to be:

  • Age 12 or older
  • Youth should be at the equivalent of L2T or T2T from the OBC Youth Development program. Adults should be an experienced road rider
  • You don’t need any fixed gear riding experience. Training for brand new track riders will be included in the program.
  • You don't need a track bike, the Centre National has bikes available.

The costs are:

  • $15 for experienced riders with their own track bike
  • $30 for experienced riders who are renting a bike
  • $45 + Tax for new riders … this covers a 2-hour initiation session from a Bromont coach, the track bike rental, and access to the track for the day

Registration is simple - just send Bill Bourne an email at You can also email Bill with any questions you have.

See you at the track!

Bill Bourne

OBC Youth Program

The Youth Program took a much deserved break after the end of the spring. We are happy to welcome both new and returning riders for the summer session that continues through till the end of August.  We have a total of 63 youth riders registered.

On the racing front, we have been busy…..  Summer started with four cadet riders (Jazmine Lavergne, Theo Woodford, Mallory Williams and Ben Harrington; (ages 15/16) competing in the Tour de Rimouski, a longstanding premier 5-day stage race with teams participating from across Canada and some from the United States. The aim of the event is to expose youth riders to an event that mimics a Tour de France type event. Competing as a team, our riders competed in stages that included a team time-trial, 76km road race, individual time trial, criterium, and finally, a 78km circuit race that required climbing the infamous ‘La Cathedral’ hill 4 times.

Later in July, we had athletes competing in Val d’Or Quebec for the final provincial Coupe du Quebec event of the season as well as in Milton, Ontario for the third Ontario Youth Cup event.  As the racing season winds down, we look forward to exploring some of the many touring options that the region has to offer. Some highlights include:

  • Ned Rogers, 8th place in C-Grade Criterium, Ontario Youth Cup
  • Ben Harrington, 3rd place in cadet boys criterium, Coupe du Québec
  • Jazmine Lavergne, 7th place in cadet girls criterium, Coupe du Québec
  • Denis Berthelot,  12th place in peewee boys agility, Coupe du Quebec


Jazmine Lavergne on her way to winning an intermediate sprint at Quebec Cup #5, Val d’Or, Quebec


More photos by Graham Page in the Club Photo Gallery

Although racing begins to diminish, looking ahead to August, the program has plenty of more riding opportunities to build fitness, skills and friendships.

OBC BBQ at Baxter Conservation Area

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

The Baxter Conservation Area Patrick McManus Interpretive Centre

What a day to have a picnic! The winds were light, the temperature was perfect, and the sun shone brightly, inviting our hungry cyclists to dine outside. And dine outside they did! The grill was ablaze with assorted flavours of sausages, and the increasingly popular veggie burgers. A good assortment of buns wrapped up the barbeque fair, topped off with freshly sliced tomatoes, leafy greens, mustard, relish, pickles, hot peppers, etc., (you get the idea)...  A huge assortment of drinks awaited the thirsty cyclists, ranging from juice, coffee, tea, pop, sparkling water, to alcohol-free beer. We had tables of snacks, such as potato chips, popcorn, fruit, cookies, and vegetable trays with assorted flavours of hummus dips. Gluten free bread and desserts, and vegan choices were on hand. These ‘ingredients’ combined to make a great social gathering. People talked and talked and talked while they ate and ate and ate. The result was just so relaxed and enjoyable. Try not to miss the OBC BBQ next summer!

Things can’t go smoothly without the contributions of some pretty special people. Our OBC office administrator, Laura Jane Johnson lead the way with purchasing of the food for the day, as well as making sure things were set out elegantly for the hungry cyclists, restocking the tables with fresh food when needed. She even stayed for the clean up, mopping floors and packing up. Our club president, Jenny Moore, was also there to make sure things were in tip top shape, taking pictures along the way. Ken Power, of Cycle Power, chipped in as well, helping things go smoothly. He brought along his friends Scotty Willis and Vera Pasic. We were extra lucky, because Vera dabbles in the catering business and worked the kitchen like a pro. Scotty, her partner, took command of the BBQ and hustled up sausages and veggie burgers all day long. This greatly enhanced the experience for all. Thank you for such wonderful contributions! And let’s not forget Andrea Wood, the manager of the Baxter Conservation Area, for welcoming the OBC.

Our next social is the ‘Fall Picnic’ on Sunday, September 16th, at the OBC Office (corner of Booth and Albert). I hope to see you there!

Take care

George Gonis - Social Director

RLCT Stats and Facts

As promised in the July Newsletter, this August RLCT article contains many interesting statistics and facts about this year’s tour.
First the stats……


  • Youngest female: 12
  • Youngest male: 10              
  • Oldest female: 74
  • Oldest male: 89
  • Male to female rider ratio approximately 2:1
  • 1,713 registrants of which 494 completed and submitted the new Code of Conduct Quiz
  • about half signed up for the Cruise or Century and half for the Challenge or Classic
  • 25% were new riders; 69% returning riders (6% unknown)
  • 99% Canadian riders…
  • 82% from within Ontario
  • 16% from Quebec
  • 0.8% (13) from other provinces: BC, AB, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI
  • 0.8% (14) from USA (CT, MA, NH, NY, PE, VT, VA, WI)
  • 1 rider from the Netherlands (Gelderland)

Then some interesting facts…..

  • The RLCT is an important source of fundraising for many communities along the various routes, for example: North Crosby raised $2000 for its Pickleball association.
  • Queen’s Saturday beer sales did not change despite 84 fewer registrants this year: 2,481 beers sold in 2018 vs 2,483 beers sold in 2017.
  • Twenty years ago (1998) the Tour initiated its 1st shorter route from Perth called the Casual (now the Century), which then changed the names of the other 2 routes to Classic (the original route) and Challenge (longer and unsupported). The Cruise route came to be in 2000.

Now that all is said and done, please clear your 2019 calendars for the 48th RLCT on June 8-9. And for all you long-term planners, the 49th RLCT will be June 13-14, 2020!
Have a wonderful summer!

Susanne Reid
André Gauthier

RLCT Photos

RLCT Photos by Neil Carroll are available on the Club Flickr page.


June Photo Contest Winner

Congratulation to Bill Bourne who was the only club member to submit photos thus winning the June round of the OBC photo contest.  Only three rounds remain before the final round. Final winner will win their choice of either an OBC jersey or OBC vest from the club boutique. Please review the contest details on-line then bring your camera throughout the summer for your chance to win. Entries to date for the July round are on the club flickr page

Thousand Islands Gran Fondo



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