July Spokesperson

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President's Message

The June edition of the Spokesperson tells the story of our successes. The 47th RLCT saw more than 1700 cyclists follow the routes to Kingston and back in great weather.  For the first time, I volunteered one day and watched the talented crews provide radio contact, safety and technical help to riders on our supported routes.  Some of our youth program participants had their first RLCT experience and later in the month tested their cycling skills at the Preston Street Crit.  And there was podium time for Carson Miles (and again at the National Road Race Championships).  Congratulations to all participants.  As well, the Advanced Skills Clinic has wrapped up (thanks to Bob Hicks and the coaching team) and the Finger Lakes touring week-end (thanks to Joanne Shuck).

Looking forward to summer, there is still time to register for the Vermont Week-end tour (August 3-6).  If you are a day tourer and have not tried a week-end tour before, this is a great opportunity to meet OBC members and ride on some of northern Vermont’s backcountry roads.

Also, hope to see you at the OBC Picnic, Sunday July 15,  Baxter Conservation Area.  Check our website for details of all our club activities.

Enjoy your summer cycling and stay hydrated.

Jenny Moore

2018 St Jean sur Richelieu Tour

The 20 registration spots are now full. However, we were able to secure a few additional rooms. There are just a few days remaining until the registration deadline of July 2nd. More information on the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu page.

OBC Track Cycling Trip to Bromont Velodrome, Sunday July 15th

It's time to register for our next OBC summer track cycling trip to the Bromont velodrome ( http://centrenationalbromont.com/caracteristiques-du-velodrome/), coming up on Sunday, July 15th.

Our first trip on June 2nd was a great success. We had 17 riders, from age 12 to 60+, 8 brand new riders, as well as some (fast!) experienced track racers. And nearly half were women. Everyone had a great time, and we got a few new riders “hooked” on track!

Like all our trips, this trip on July 15th is open to all OBC members, both youth and adults.

Track cycling is one of the best ways to develop a number of important cycling skills that transfer to road cycling - bike handling, agility, group riding, It's also a blast... incredibly fun!

If you have never ridden a velodrome before, these sessions are a great way to get introduced to the joys of track cycling.  Experienced track cyclists will also get a lot out of this trip. There will be a range of exercises and riding customized to the specific people that attend. We'll accommodate all fitness levels and interests, and there will be opportunities to "crank it up" if you want.

To attend these sessions, you need to be:

  • Age 12 or older
  • Youth should be at the equivalent of L2T or T2T from the OBC Youth Development program. Adults should be an experienced road rider … Touring 2 level and up.
  • You don’t need any fixed gear riding experience. Training for brand new track riders will be included in the program.
  • You don't need a track bike, the Centre National has bikes available.

The costs are:

  • $15 for experienced riders with their own track bike
  • $30 for experienced riders who are renting a bike
  • $45 + Tax for new riders … this covers a 2-hour initiation session from a Bromont coach, the track bike rental, and access to the track for the day

Transportation will be by the OBC van, and by carpooling.

Registration is simple - just send Bill Bourne an email at bill@bashd.ca You can also email Bill with any questions you have.

See you at the track!

Bill Bourne


OBC Photo Contest

We're running a photo contest to encourage members to submit their photos from OBC events.  Contest will run over the summer in four rounds.  Final winner will win their choice of either an OBC jersey or OBC vest from the club boutique.  Bring your camera to the next OBC event and submit your photos for your chance to win. Submissions for the June Round can be viewed in the Club Photo Gallery. We only had one photographer submit photos for the June round so hopefully we'll get more entries in the subsequent rounds


  • All photo submitted may be used by the OBC on the club website, social media and newsletter. However, the original photographer remains the copyright owner of the photograph
  • Contest is open to OBC members only
  • All photos submitted must contain at least one person wearing the current OBC kit
  • Contest will consist of four rounds: June, July, August, September. 
  • Members of the OBC board will select the top three photos from each round
  • Deadline for each round is the end of the month
  • Final winner will be selected from the previous 12 winning photos


  • Please send full sized originals to webmaster@ottawabicycleclub.ca
  • Please include your 2018 member number with your submission
  • Please submit your own photos only

RLCT 2018

Thank you to all the people who helped put together this year’s Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour.

Volunteers make the event a great success. As in every cycling event, though,  weather is a great determinant of pleasure. This year’s RLCT is no exception. What a wonderful weekend!
Another key to this success is the many months of hard work  by the following RLCT committee members:

Susanne Reid - Event Manager
John Cooper   - Perth Registrar
Gail Tannenbaum - Algonquin Registrar
Monique Menard  - Queen’s Registrar
Laura Jane Johnson - RLCT Office Admin
Dave Yaeger - Routes and Signs
Harold Blount - Website, technical support

And many more volunteers, of course, too many to mention (marshals, uppers, downers, safety blitz monitors, check ins, check outs, truck drivers …) contributed to 2018 edition of RLCT.
I hope you all had a safe and memorable ride.

The August newsletter will contain many interesting facts and statistics about this year’s tour.

André Gauthier
RLCT Director

Season’s End Cycling Tour Calabogie Peaks Tour

One night, two days of Fall cycling in Ottawa’s backyard.
The weekend of  September 22-23, 2018

This year’s SECT will begin in Ottawa and take riders “up the Valley” for a one night stay at the beautiful Calabogie Peaks Resort (Where memories are made on the mountain, lake and land). This is a perfect end of season tour location with terrain ranging from undulating to hilly ... to hillier.

Two riding options for participants:

Option 1: Departure  from Ottawa’s west end and cycle along a choice of three routes; 100km, 125km or 150km to the resort.
Option 2: Drive to Calabogie, park at the resort and cycle from there.

Get ready!

See OBC website for further details.

OBC BBQ at Baxter Conservation Area  Sunday, July 15th, 2018

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ish

Wow! I can’t believe it’s time to think about summer and the OBC BBQ. Book your calendars for Sunday, July 15th, 2018. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes to about 3:00 p.m. The Baxter Conservation Area is located about 6 km south of Kars, at the corner of Dilworth and Rideau Valley Drive South. The OBC Sunday Group Ride on the 15th will include the BBQ as part of it’s route.

Fuzzy DO NOT SEND a.jpg

We will heat up precooked sausages and veggie burgers on the grill. Highlighting the refreshments will be coffee from Equator Coffee, tea, all sorts of pop (including root beer for Bob H.), juice and loads of bottled water. Veggie and fruit trays, as well as assorted snacks (e.g., potato chips, cookies, watermelon) will be available. Note: that’s the OBC Club President, Jenny Moore, serving it up! Go Jenny! Relax under the cool shade of the event tents, or, go inside to  Baxter’s ‘McManus Interpretive Centre’. Last year we had the Tour de France on while you sat and munched your heart out. Another note: we do our best to accommodate specialized needs and preferences for vegan and vegetarian diets. As well, gluten free bread products will be available.

I hope to see you at this year’s BBQ! Take care,

George Gonis - Social Director

2018 Vermont Weekend – August 3 – 6

Four Days of Cycling Unlike Anywhere Else

If you have never cycled in Vermont, you owe it to yourself to do it this year on the Civic Holiday weekend. For $230 you get four days of cycling, two buffet dinners and three buffet breakfasts. It’s not four-star, but there is still room for you at Johnson College, in the sparsely-populated northern part of the state, less than four hours from Ottawa.

The legendary climbs of Smugglers’ Notch and Jay Peak are within easy reach, but there are plenty of beautiful, less-challenging roads in the area. Nothing goes straight in Vermont; there are no boring rides here.

The roads are quiet, but the famous Vermont general stores abound, one of the signs of a civilization very different from what you’ll find anywhere else in North America.


Deadline to Register: Wednesday, July 25th

More information on the Vermont Weekend page.

OBC Youth Program

With the transition from spring-to-summer, June is always the busiest time of year for the OBC Youth Program.  In addition to regular training sessions at Asticou and the Central Experimental Farm, the program participated in a variety of events including a visit to the Bromont velodrome, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, Coupe du Québec-Gatineau, Coupe du Québec-Boucherville, and the Preston Street Criterium. 

A sampling of the many highlights include:

  • Five new youth riders, some as young as eleven, introduced to the speed and excitement of track riding
  • Ten youth program riders meeting the challenge of the Perth-Kingston RLCT (most in the event for the first time)
  • Eleven youth riders participating in the Coupe du Québec - Gatineau addition. With more than half being girls; two new to racing at this provincial level of competition.
  • Two first year cadet girls finishing in the top ten of the Coupe du Québec - Boucherville event (Jazmine Lavergne and Mallory Williams)
  • Excellent turn-out for the Preston Street kids races that took place in-between the men’s and women’s elite marquee events with all of the $10 entry fee going to CHEO. Our Junior Racing Team was well represented at the event -- it was hard to miss the strong break away performance by Carson Miles to take the win.
  • Jayde Lavergne qualifying to  compete later this summer in the Jeux de Quebec in Thetford Mines.

Looking ahead to July, we are joining forces with our Gatineau-based sister club (Cuisses Or) to send four OBC cadet athletes (ages 15-16) to challenge other riders from across the country in a 5-day stage race in Rimouski, Quebec.

Our spring session was formally brought to a close at the end of June with our end of session picnic.  We took the opportunity to say good-bye to those youth riders leaving Ottawa for the summer school break for their own family adventures that, hopefully, includes some biking!  We look forward to welcoming new riders for the start of the summer session the first week of July.

June Events

Carson Miles, Preston Street Criterium

OBC Youth, Preston Street Criterium

Ainara Benavente, Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau


On Monday evenings from late April to mid-June, Bob Hicks and Bob Simpson, Peter Tregunno, Bill Bourne, Rob McClure and Don Moxley shared their knowledge with club members.  The photo includes some of the participants on the last evening, meeting for a group ride to demonstrate their new skills.

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