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President's Message

WOW…this is the last month of our 2017 cycling calendar.

Eastern Ontario Cyclocross series has wrapped up. I am not a CX participant but I watched at two events in Carp and North Gower and have checked out the overall results. It is great to see cyclists from our region participating…the enthusiasm of all cyclists...especially in the worst weather…is inspiring. And the OBC is well represented, from youth to Master riders. We all owe a huge thanks to Bob Woods and his team for their many years of superb organization. He is stepping down and a new structure will be in place before the 2018 season.

The first meeting of the 2018 OBC Board is days away. Welcome to our three new members: Noel Harrington, Bill Bourne and Eric Burpee. Over the next month, we will be busy preparing budgets, developing programs and getting our club affiliation with the Ontario Cycling Association. If you have ideas and can offer volunteer support, let us know.

Hope you will come and see the office decked out, share your cycling tales at the OBC Open House on Sunday December 17 (details follow).

Jenny Moore

2017 Open TT Wrap Up

TT awards will be available at the Club's December open house. Check the list below to see if you're a recipient in the Best All Round, 3 best 15km or Age based Handicap categories.

2017 was another good year for the Open TT series. We held 20 15km TTs, with 208 different riders out for at least 1 TT.

Two new records were set: Arianna Atighetchi (Bibit Female) and Charles-Antoine Pilote (Minime Male)! Check out the series records  - can you smash one in 2018?

Three people (we're all riders) have continued to be out almost every week. Please join me in thanking Alex McKnight, Jess Raymond and Michael Bernier. Without volunteer commitment, this series would cease to exist. We ran "lean" a few times this year - which is always an additional stress for me as the organizer.

Finally, looking forward to 2018 - I'm a new father and I work in the far west end. I am going to have to reduce my involvement in the weekly running of this series (and I'd like to ride a TT or two!). If you can help with registration, timing, start line or turn around (all are easy to do - really!) please get in touch with me

Peter Tregunno

2017 OBC Open House, Sunday, December 17th

We will see you next at the OBC Open House, coming up Sunday, December 17th at our very own OBC Office, at the corner of Booth and Albert. Please come by and say hello between 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Be prepared to have fun! We will again have all sorts of treats and eats, including freshly made waffles with maple syrup, and candy-canes-a-plenty.  We would like to welcome Peter Tregunno (OBC Racing Events director), who will be presenting the OBC Time Trial Awards along with us.

We hope to see you there!

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

AGM Thank You To Lucille De Haitre

At the OBC AGM this past Monday, November 13th, `2017, we had a very special guest. Lucille de Haitre, mother to her world class speed skater and cyclist son, Vincent, graced us with her presence and very kind words about Vincent`s beginnings in cycling with the OBC. In her talk she mentioned how Vincent does not forget his link back to the OBC racing program and Don Moxley, long time cycling mentor and coach with the OBC.

Lucille also mentioned that the funding provided by the OBC was greatly appreciated and really helped launch Vincent into the high levels of competition needed to reach world class levels, including the Olympics. In an email to me just recently she said Vincent won a silver in the 1500m and gold in the Team Sprint in the World Cup circuit. The OBC can be very proud of helping out when needed.

Thank you Lucille!

Lucille and family accepting Vincent’s Ottawa Sports Award of Excellence - Athlete of the Year (Male)

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

OBC 'Build Your Own Sandwich' Fall Picnic At The OBC Office

Jenny Moore, our OBC President, welcomes everybody to the OBC Fall Picnic.


We decided to put the OBC Event Tent and chairs just outside the office for those who wanted a cool breeze while they ate and socialized.

There were the usual components for a `Make-Your-Own-Sandwich’ event, including a great selection of buns and bread, followed by lots of sandwich meat, cheese, and vegetables, ladened with a wide assortment of condiments, that were all warmly combined together by panini pressing. Lots of drinks were on hand, both cold and hot (including medium roast fromEquator Coffee). Treats such as potato chips and cookies along with veggie and fruit trays welcomed hungry cyclists. Lots of OBC directors were on hand to greet you, including our Club President, Jenny Moore, Day Touring director, Nicholas Dery, Education director, Bob Hicks, and our Office Administrator extraordinaire, Laura Jane Johnson. Overall about 50 cyclists took in the event enjoying themselves by socializing and eating their own sandwich creations.


Two interesting, out of the ordinary things happened. One was a lost journalist named Augustina from Venice, Italy showed up on our doorstep with his camera asking for directions to Quebec. Once I showed him that Booth Street crossed the river into Quebec, he stayed for about an hour and enjoyed the festivities. He even bought an OBC jersey to remember us by! If you are thinking about traveling to that part of Italy, contact him at . He knows a great bike route from Venice to Cortina d’Ampezzo (a two time winter Olympic town). I found out that the original ice stadium built back in the 1930’s is now covered. It’s interesting to me because I once played against the Italian National Hockey team there, back in 1978, when it was an open air stadium. The second event was Bob Hick’s partner, Jane, had a flat tire and coincidentally, Ken Power from Cycle Power (on Carling Avenue where the Queensway crosses over Carling), was on hand coming to her rescue, fixing the tire so she could head off again. Thanks so much Ken!


The group picture below captures the wonderful atmosphere created by our cyclists. It’s great to be part of it. Thank you everyone for coming out!


We will see you next at the OBC Open House, coming up Sunday, December 17th at the same venue, our very own OBC Office, at the corner of Booth and Albert.

For more pictures of the event, see the Club Photo Gallery

Take care,

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

Review of Bill Bourne’s Presentation: Tales from the Velodrome

Bill Bourne was at it again! Another smooth presentation with so much great detail captured those who came to learn about track cycling. He carefully explained the three “local” tracks, as he calls them, and set us straight on varied track lengths, steep banking in the turns, and track cycling protocol. The Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton (site of the 2015 Pan-Am Games), the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario, and the outdoor velodrome at Bromont, are Bill’s playgrounds when he ventures out to do his thing.


The Forest City Velodrome ( is the world’s smallest permanent indoor cycling track at 138m, the Mattamy Milton facility (…) is set to the current UCI and Olympic Standards, and is 250m, and Bromont ( is 250m long, however, it is set out of doors. The Bromont track is from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. However, no matter how different these facilities are, Bill believes you can have a ton of fun while track cycling. He did point out that when you take the course at the Forest City Velodrome, you will be ready for anything any velodrome throws at you. The banking on Forest City curves is over 50 degrees at it’s peak!


Do you believe this cyclist standing up at the inside edge of the track who is reaching over to touch the banked curve!? The length of the track and the configuration of banking, on both the curves and straight parts of the track, enables cyclists to reach speeds in excess of 80 km/hr! The recreational track cyclist may approach these speeds, however, a lap would take somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds (around the 40 to 60ish kmph). Bill finds that after about a 20 minute burst around the track, you require some kind of rest, so there are protocols to guide you on and off the track. Lines are painted on the wooden track surface to make things very discrete. Combine this with ‘track certification’ lessons and fixed wheel gearing, and you have a very predictable and safe cycling environment. From seeing the banking of the track, this seems counter intuitive, but from Bill’s experience, it’s much safer than cycling on the streets.

Bill’s enthusiasm about the sport is fueled by him having so much fun at it. He really likes the inclusive social environment that is created by the staff of the facilities that brings  together a very eclectic group of cyclists. Very experienced cyclists can join up with beginners to form a cohesive cycling experience. He mentioned his group had a 13 year old cycling instructor! As well, tandem track bikes allow the visually impaired to join in as well. The Bromont velodrome is a national training centre for both Track Cycling and Track Para-Cycling. Personalities from Steve Bauer to Jeff Douglas, the host of CBC’s “As it Happens”, to Eric Van den Eynde, the Canadian Para-Cycling Team head coach, can be found along with your everyday kind of guy, like BIll. What a wonderful place to hang out!

To contact Bill about having a track cycling experience, his email is .

Bill also wrote;“First, I put a PDF of the whole slide presentation, plus *all* the videos, and some notes online at: “. What a guy! He thinks of everything to get you going on track cycling. Thank you Bill.

Having seen Bill’s presentation, I am committed to go track cycling with him. That’s right, I am going. I hope to see you at one of these tracks too.

Bill also kindly sent in some photos with captions of  the varied facilities in the Club Photo Gallery.

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

OK Cycle & Adventure Tours

OK Cycle & Adventure Tours next presentation at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library 120 Metcalfe corner Laurier room B125 is January 16th in conjunction with the Spanish Embassy.

Presentation begins at 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Please rsvp Space is limited.

Spain is a favourite country for cycling and hiking from The Comino to the mountains and coast. Especially popular is Majorca where we have a number of tours available that start in February. We also offer a boat/bike tour.

Come out with your questions.

Also on January 17th will be our general tour presentation with your OBC. George will be getting that information to you.

We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and hope to see some of you at the Club Open House December 17th.

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