Youth Program

The OBC Youth Program is the developmental branch of the Ottawa Bicycle Club providing a structured environment for youth cyclists (ages 5-18) to develop skills and riding opportunities that encourage a lifelong passion for cycling.


Program Mission: 

  • Our mission is to provide a premier youth cycling program that develops riding, racing, maintenance and safety skills in a fun setting that builds a lifelong passion for the sport. 
  • This is an inclusive program, suitable for a wide range of cycling abilities and interests, from casual riding to racing. Athletes will develop their skills to a point where coaches will encourage participation in at least one race.
  • We provide the opportunity for youth riders to push their limits so as to achieve and celebrate their full potential.
  • We provide opportunities to experience being part of a team that works together whether in training, touring or racing so as to grow together in fitness, health, character and self-discipline.
  • We adhere to the National Coaching Certification Program Long Term Athlete Development principles and Cycling Canada Coaching Guidelines.
  • We encourage youth to be active in multiple sports and support the principle of 'active for life'. Graduates of the program may go on to competing either in cycling or another sport, active touring and recreational riding, and being a safe and competent bicycle commuter.
  • We are cycling safety focused in order to protect our youth and develop responsible members of the cycling community.

The program offers several elements for participation in supportive, friendly and fun environment:

Trying each of the different cycling disciplines is encouraged and supported in order to develop an appreciation for the differences and to improve overall bike handling skills.   

Partnership Opportunities:

The success of any youth athletic program relies on a team of committed volunteers, coaches, parents, and partners. The OBC Youth Program is seeking strategic partnerships with local businesses and suppliers who are keen to grow the sport of cycling in Canada by supporting these young dedicated riders. 

Financial support is being sought to offset travel, coaching, and equipment costs for athletes aged 18 and under. Ours is a story of success, hard work, and determination. We would like you to be a part of that story and share in the journey of aspiring young athletes. 

Information regarding partner levels and recognition are available by contacting the Director of the Youth Program.

Contact Information:

For questions regarding any aspect of the Youth Program or partnership opportunities, please contact the Youth Program Director: E-mail