Westport Registration Open

The 2020 Westport tour dates are set for Wednesday, May 20 to Friday, May 22.  We will stay once again at the Cove Inn. We will also have the choice of staying in local B&B’s at the same cost to compensate for the loss of Fredenburgh House to a fire in January 2019. There will be new remote starts from both Newboro and Forfar for participants who do not feel comfortable cycling along County Rd 42. These new routes will allow participants to discover new destinations such as Portland on the Big Rideau Lake, Athens and a choice of Lock stations along the Rideau Canal. 

Information and registration are on the  Westport page.

Northumberland Registration Open

May 15-18, 2020 - Spring Riding in Southern Ontario! The annual OBC tour to Coburg is once again scheduled for the May long weekend at the Breakers Motel. We check in on Friday and usually finish on Monday morning with easy quick rides before heading home. Previous year's trips have been a great success, with sunny days, cool evenings and the BBQ at the ready for Saturday and Sunday evening meals.

Information and registration are on the  Northumberland page.

Register for OBC Trip to Forest City Velodrome Feb 28 - Mar 1st

There’s still time to register for our next trip to Forest City Velodrome coming up Friday, February 28th to Sunday, March 1st. And we are looking for a few more people. Just send an email to Bill Bourne bill@bashd.ca to register. It’s the perfect way to experience the fun of velodrome riding and get in a ton of riding - and it’s great “spring training” to get you ready for the road.

RLCT Registration

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour registration is now open! This excellent 2-day event boasts 48 safe and successful years, 4 scenic routes, and supports OBC cycling programs including youth and racing. The price includes dinner, breakfast, and accommodation at Queen's University, 20% discount coupon at Bushtukah, and much more! Visit https://www.ottawabicycleclub.ca/rlct/registration  for full details and to register.

Take advantage of early bird pricing and register by March 31st.

RidewithGPS.com - Reminder to Sign Up for 2020!

Just a reminder to please sign up for RidewithGPS.com for 2020 when you renew your OBC membership.  We have a few members who've signed up for their 2020 OBC Membership, but who have forgotten that they need to also sign up for RidewithGPS.com for 2020 as well.  This is a free benefit included with your 2020 OBC Membership where all of our group rides and Group Ride Clinics are posted.  If you are not registered with RideWithGPS.com, then you will not be able to view the maps for the group rides that are posted on the club calendar.

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