Almonte Area Time Trials

Following the cessation of Almonte Bicycle Club activities, the former Almonte Time Trial Series is now being run under the OBC banner. Based at Union Hall, at the junction of Wolf Grove and Tatlock Roads, 8km west of Almonte, the 15 km series runs on Tuesdays, starting June 6th, running until September 12th. The series is open to OBC members, members of OCA affiliated clubs, citizen permit and UCI licence holders. Registration takes place at 6:30 pm June & July for a 7pm start, at 6 pm in August for a 6:30 pm start, and at 5:30 pm in September for a 6:00 pm start.

The 40 k series continues at Calvary Christian Academy on the Franktown Road on Sundays 7:45 am for 8:15 start on the following dates: June 18, July 9, August 6, September 3. Results count towards the OBC Best All Rounder (BAR) Award.

Best OBC male and female combined performances of 15 & 40 k in the AATT series qualify for the Tyler Trophy, to be presented at an Annual Banquet held at Union Hall in October.