Fall 2020 Castelli Retail-line Team Store Now Open until September 23rd

The Club is pleased to offer our members a selection of regular kit items from Castelli’s new fall and winter cycling lineup at a special OBC discounted price from the MSRP.  There are a wide variety of garments to choose from and we are offering both men’s and women’s designs on most items.  Of note, we are providing the popular Gabba and Perfetto jerseys in men’s and women’s sizing for members as part of this offer.

Help! Gravel Ride Leaders Needed!

Our first two OBC gravel rides have shown there’s a lot of enthusiasm for gravel riding in the club… we’ve had  20+ riders  turn out for each ride. Let’s keep this going!

To make our gravel rides sustainable, and to grow the rides, we need a few gravel ride leaders to step up. This is not an onerous task, and we know you are out there! 

OBC Fall 2020 Awareness Campaign

Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC) Fall 2020 Awareness Campaign: Ongoing ‘til Spring 2021

In the first two weeks of September, you will see 11”x17” OBC posters pinned on lampposts in various neighbourhoods in Ottawa. This is a project initiated by the OBC advocacy committee to highlight our core OBC services, including promoting safe group cycling, an advocacy position we agreed upon. More importantly, this awareness campaign is to uphold our visibility and position as a premier cycling club that uniquely offers a variety of cycling programs (albeit adversely impacted by COVID-19 in 2020).

Student Volunteers Needed!

The Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC) is a not-for-profit organization*** that prides itself for being a premier cycling club in Canada, supporting high quality recreational and competitive cycling opportunities that promote a lifelong passion for the sport in cyclists of all ages. 

The OBC is looking for young volunteers to inject new energy into its programs, piloting this volunteer opportunity in three OBC programs in 2020/21. 


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