Summer's End Century

September 17 - 18 2016

The SECT-Mont Tremblant Tour is back for another year. The feedback from last year's tour indicated:

  1. Most participants loved the accommodation at the  Residence Inn Marriott at Mont Tremblant

  2. The routes offered great scenery and beautiful roads.

  3. The hospitality suite was exactly what people needed after a day in the saddle,  before heading off to the evening meal.

  4. The catered meal was acceptable but not Wow!.

So the tour will offer the same accommodation, the wonderful routes and the cozy hospitality suite. The evening meal is not included in the tour cost. Participants will meet at a local restaurant in the evening where they can order what suits them best.


Saturday from Amherst: 

Sunday Return: 

Directions to Saint-Rémi d'Amherst from Ottawa:

Application Forms 

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