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2011 OBC Time Trials

April 22nd marks the opening of the 2011 time trial season with the Good Friday Time Trial. The Women's Series starts May 3rd and the Open Series starts May 5th. As in the past few years, the OBC has allowed non members to participate in the OBC time trial series for a nominal fee ($30 for the season, waved for members of the Almonte Bicycle Club).

For insurance reasons, we require all TT participants to be covered under the OCA insurance umbrella. There are two ways to be covered:

Members of FQSC affiliated clubs (e.g. Les Rouleurs, Cyclefit Chicks) who do NOT have UCI licenses are not covered under the OCA insurance umbrella, so you'll have to join an Ontario club (please choose the OBC!) or take out a UCI license to participate in our TT series.

We are having to be more careful this year in verifying membership. Bring your proof of membership or license to your first time trial. Wearing a club jersey is not proof of membership. If your club does not hand out a member card, please bug them to do so!

No proof of insurance = no ride. No exceptions.