This is the fourth year that we will be returning to the Auberge Harris in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu for our Friday, Saturday, & Sunday weekend tour – July 28-30, 2017 – This year a bit later than last year due to conflicting dates with other tours – OBC and non-OBC.  Once again, we will be hosted at the Auberge by Mme Boucher-Boutin who will provide us with facilities for early arrival on Friday and late departure on Sunday for those who want to get in extra rides at the start or finish of our tour.  The Auberge has a beautiful outdoor pool for relaxation following an exhilarating ride or even in lieu of a ride on one of the 3 days.  The Auberge is designed to accommodate cycling groups.  Check out the website below:

The accommodation options and rates are the same as last year, including a full breakfast each morning (Saturday and Sunday) and a Happy Hour on Friday night when we can organize ourselves into our preferred cycling routes and groups.  Dinners are not included but several good restaurants are within walking distance from the Auberge.  Mme Boucher-Boutin always has recommendations on where to eat.  There will be 8+ optional routes of varying distances (48-130 km) and terrain, including 2 routes across the US border around Lake Champlain.  One of the Lake Champlain routes has an optional beach stop at the end for a refreshing dip into the Lake.  The OBC van is not available this year so we will rely on car-pooling.  Please let us know if you need a ride or can provide one (or more!).

  • Cost per person 2 nights: Single Occ. Incl. Breakfast $200.00 + 13% hst = $226.00
  • Cost per person 2 nights: Double Occ. Incl. Breakfast $140.00 + 13% hst = $158.20
  • Cost per person 2 nights: Double (Suite) Occ. Incl. Breakfast 155.00 + 13% hst = $175.15
  • Cost per person 2 nights: Triple (Suite) Occ. Incl. Breakfast $130.00 + 13% hst = $146.90
  • Cost per person 2 nights: Quadr. (Suite) Occ. Incl. Breakfast $120.00 + 13% hst = $135.60

NOTE:  All rooms have Queen size beds.



We have suites and singles available and can accommodate up to 25 registrants.  

Registration Deadline, with payment in full, is Friday June 30, 2017 and is on a “first come – first served” basis.

Payment options are cash, cheque or PayPal (preferred).

For further information, please contact the OBC Office or Ron Stoneham.

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