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Volunteers and Marshals

Every year the riders tell us it is the volunteers that make this a special ride!

If you can't join us on the ride, why don't you join us as a volunteer? .. and help make this a special event!

Volunteer Positions: ... an easy, effective way for RLCT volunteers to sign themselves up online. We need a big crew to deliver this great ride.

Please consider volunteering or convincing a friend to volunteer, check out our volunteer page for descriptions and information. There are perks and for some positions, you can still ride at least one way.

Quick Link: Ivolunteer RLCT-2018

Reference: Volunteer Documents

NOTE: This year the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is Wednesday, June 20th 2018.

Calling All Route Marshals!

marshalsRoute Marshals are respected riders who are the Ottawa Bicycle Club's (OBC) safety ambassadors to help keep the RLCT riders safe while on route.

On the Tour weekend, safety is our number one priority and is critical to keeping a quality Tour. As such we need registered, experienced cyclists who can set a great example for our riders.

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