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What a weekend! 

some of usA BIG thank you to all the incredible volunteers and sponsors who help make this event happen.  It could not happen without you! 

From start to finish, thank you to all our SAG and route drivers, mechanics, luggage truck drivers, everyone working at registration in Algonquin, Perth and Kingston who made sure you received your bib and T-shirt, water and snack providers, ARES crew, those who are up before dawn putting up signs and taking them down along the routes, and everyone who worked tirelessly to bring the RLCT together -  your dedication and hard work made this 46th year a success! 

Thank you!  

the line


♬ This is it - it's finally HERE! ♬

No more counting down the days! Tomorrow the Tour starts.

Just a reminder - the roads are NOT closed to traffic.  Please follow and obey all traffic laws, stop signs and red lights.

Check the website for last minute safety tips:  Road Safety->Tips

Enjoy your ride! 

Susanne Reid - RLCT Event Manager

Check your 'check-list' !

  • Suncreen:  Check. 
  • Rain jacket:  Check. 
  • Cycling legs:  Resting up!! 

Looks like a warm sunny weekend with a chance of a shower.  Mother Nature is unpredictable, so please remember to bring rain gear and an extra layer of warm cycling gear.

To stay hydrated and well fueled, check out these pit stops along your chosen route: Logistics->route-support  (cash only). 

Happy riding!

Can't finish ? - what to do, who to tell!

On Route: If you are on route and it is not a medical emergency but are injured or have a mechanical issue with your bike that cannot be fixed, please contact the Radio Operators on route (red ball caps) as they are positioned about every 15kms or so or contact a support vehicle while it is driving by.  They will do their best to transport you to either your starting point (Algonquin or Perth), or end point for the day (Queens or Algonquin).  From there you can call a cab, friend or family member to pick you up.

Sunday and can't ride: Seek alternate transportation - see FAQ 12

Pothole Alert!

Potholes and debris left over from the significant rainfall this past spring are key things riders need to look out for this weekend! 

Car doors and kids: Events in many of the smaller towns this June include yard sales, breakfasts and charity events.  Pay attention to car doors, kids and people crossing the road!

Safe riding!

Bib Transfers - let us know!

Let us know if a Bib has been bought or sold!

If you leave it too late, it will slow down your Saturday check-in.

See Register->Changes.

Parking at Algonquin - new process!

This year we have worked with Algonquin and you can now purchase a parking ticket good for two days of the tour IN ADVANCE using their internet-based parking ticket system. Make sure you do this a few days in ahead!

See Getting to Start - Parking->Algonquin

Old News

RLCT 2017 Registration Now Closed

You can still make important updates to your registration such as roommate info or
T-shirt size, start location, route until May 17th. See  Register->Changes.

Website Revision History

2017 June 9

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  • added FAQ 15 (if you can't finish ...)
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  • fixed Marshal Training dates (Volunteer link)
  • set Unclaimed Luggage location on Sunday at Algonquin (Logistics->Weekend Schedule at bottom of page)


  • adjusted info on Washrooms (Logistics->Route Support)
  • clarified Bib transfer responsibilities (Register->Changes)