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RLCT 2017 Registration Now Closed

You can still make important updates to your registration such as roommate info or
T-shirt size, start location, route until May 17th. See  Register->Changes.

Bib Transfers - let us know!

Let us know if a Bib has been bought or sold!

If you leave it too late, it will slow down your Saturday check-in.

See Register->Changes.

Parking at Algonquin - new process!

This year we have worked with Algonquin and you can now purchase a parking ticket good for two days of the tour IN ADVANCE using their internet-based parking ticket system. Make sure you do this a few days in ahead!

See Getting to Start - Parking->Algonquin

Website Revision History


  • renamed ridewithgps routes to fix Garmin edge 800 issue


  • added FAQ 13 and 14


  • adjusted Sponsor list, Authentic Wines logo
  • added note on food allergies (Accommodation link)
  • fixed Marshal Training dates (Volunteer link)
  • set Unclaimed Luggage location on Sunday at Algonquin (Logistics->Weekend Schedule at bottom of page)


  • adjusted info on Washrooms (Logistics->Route Support)
  • clarified Bib transfer responsibilities (Register->Changes)