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Are you ready for something completely different?

  • Is COVID-19 getting you down?
  • Are you in withdrawal from a cancelled RLCT 2020?
  • Do you miss the camaraderie of riding in a small group of enthusiastic cyclists?
  • You just want to go cycling ... but have run out of route ideas?

... then the '50 for 50' event is for you!

... the promise of spring!

What is '50 for 50' ?

leafCome join with us in celebration of our 50th anniversary by continuing the long tradition of 'riding the Rideau Lakes' through this collection of 50 great rides!

"50 for 50" stands for "50 Rideau Lakes inspired routes on the 50th anniversary of the Ottawa Bicycle Club".

Event Details:

  • 50 quality rides starting or passing through all the cities, towns and villages that have made the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour special.
  • Ride on your own schedule when the sun shines with your 'OBC member-only riding bubble'. (see Registration Conditions below)
  • Join up and meet new riding buddies through our Ride Scheduling Tool (jRide) to select the ride flavour that suites your style (distance, intensity, pastry stops or theme).
  • Compete against yourself, your buddies or all participants and meet people and celebrate all that's great about cycling in this region.
  • To encourage participation, we've secured PRIZES - eligible to OBC members that register their rides through jRide.

Dates (to be confirmed):

  • Our 50 rides for our 50th anniversary will be made available April 14th, 2021.
  • Registration soft opens April 14th, 2021 (subject to change). Closing date not yet determined.
  • The event officially starts May 14th, 2021 (subject to change).
  • Prizes for Most Routes Ridden, Best Photo, Best Story, Most kilometres Logged etc. will be awarded throughout the spring/summer into September... See Prizes.

Registration Conditions:

All riders must:

  • be OBC 2021 members.
  • register and sign a digital waiver specifically for this 50-for-50 event.
  • tell us when they cycle each '50-for-50' route  through the use of jRide - our Ride Scheduling Tool. This is to meet insurance and prize requirements.

YES - sign me up!

Well hold on now! We need your help. We only have 40 quality rides selected to date. To top up to 50, we are having a 'Favourite Route Contest'!

Favourite Route Contest Details 

To enter the contest, send us details of your favourite quality routes that are:

  • loops from 50km to 150km or more (road or gravel).
  • or loops less than 50km focused on families with young children or new riders.
  • a start and finish location that is within 25km of any of the towns and cities on the RLCT Map. (see below)
  • Variety is the spice of life so routes that are flat, or hilly, remote or suburban, on pavement or gravel, on pathways or roadways are all great!

How to submit:

  • email us at with details of your favourite routes.
  • your route description can be a RideWithGPS route link, a Strava link, a GPX file, cue sheet or a route line on a map. It's all good!
  • tell us why this is one of your favourite loops and note any points of interest such as 'Best Blueberry Tarts'.
  • submit your favourites before March 31st, 2021. Prizes awarded by organizing committee mid-April, 2021.
What makes YOUR ride special?


  • The Favourite Route Contest is open to everyone.
  • As noted above, the 50-for-50 event (including prizes) is open to OBC Members only.
  • However, the OBC routes on RideWithGPS ⇗ are open to all including the 50-for-50 routes as they become available under the condition that you ride these routes at your own risk.
  • To join or renew your membership with the OBC for 2021, please visit our membership page: ⇗
  • We encourage you to take advantage of our early renewal rate, available only between January 1 and February 28, 2021.

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