Lac Saint-Jean Saguenay

July 23 - 30, 2017 Registration Closed

  • 6 riding days, 7 nights in cabins along the route.
  • Riding distances range from 58 km - 93 km
  • Mix of dedicated bike path, marked bike lanes and quiet country roads;
  • Self-supported (riders each assigned a driving day)



Day 1: Drive from Ottawa to meeting point  (Monts-Valin, QC),  shuttle cars to Alma (overnight stay Monts-Valin)

Day 2: Monts-Valin to Lac-Kenogami - 74 km

Day 3: Lac-Kenogami to Alma - 72 km

Day 4: Alma to Dolbeau-Mistassini - 80 km (ferry) or 93 km (no ferry)

Day 5: Dolbeau-Mistassini to Normandin - 85 km (30 km dirt path) or 45 km (paved only)

Day 6: Normandin to Roberval - 58 km

Day 7: Roberval to Saint-Gédéon (continue to Alma to get cars) - 43 km + 21 km (overnight Alma)

Day 8: Drive to Ottawa


Terrain and Scenery

Steep declines followed by slow, low-grade climb on Day 1. After that rolling hills become mostly flat as you follow the lake.

The route will follow (primarily) the véloroute des bleuets. The route is mostly paved, but there is 1 section of stone dust and 1 section of packed dirt. Both are avoidable but include the best scenery on the trip. The dirt path may be difficult on narrow tires so it is advisable to ride on wider tires.

Scenery will range from pastoral farmland to Canadian Shield and pine forest. Each day will include wild berry patches along the path, including one stretch of 27km of wild blueberry fields. The route passes through parks, small towns and over hydro dams. Signage is posted to mark the route as well as important amenities such as water, washrooms and microbreweries.



The route is remote. The Club has booked cabins at the various sites, which is included in the fee for the tour.  Two sites are adjacent to big rapids. Showers, laundry, and self-catering (groceries) will be available every day. Some sites are too remote to rely on restaurants.

Riders need sleeping bags for the cabins, pillows, campstoves and (optionally) coolers. These will travel in the OBC Van from site to site! Remember to bring lots of quarters for the laundromat and laundry soap.

Transportation and Support

The OBC van will be available for the transfer of luggage and and will be our SAG support. Driving will be shared between participants - one day or less each. The group will divide driving days, each taking a turn behind the wheel. Each rider will be responsible for loading their own gear in the morning. The van will be at the camp upon arrival in the evening. It will be outfitted with a repair stand and tool kit.


Group expenses will be: gas for the OBC Van, and accommodations. This will amount to $400 per rider.  Payment and a completed application is required by June 30, 2017.

PayPal button for gas money for Saguenay Tour participants:

Each participant will be individually responsible for transportation to and from the start point (Monts-Valin), and bringing or purchasing food.

For further information, please contact the OBC Office.